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Sofeene Enterprises

SOFEENE ENTERPRISES was established in the year 1970 and is today, one of the leading trading, sourcing and marketing agency.

Our satisfied customers spanning across the Globe trust and rely on us for their product development,sourcing and purchasing needs.

Over this period of time SOFEENE has developed itself into a reputed and respected organization and earned itself trust and reliability in its respective businesses.

After the MFA was introduced in textiles, markets across the world have changed tremendously and the competition across the globe has also increased. Cost efficiency and quality service is the key to success and we at Sofeene are ready to face the challenge for efficient and effective sourcing of the products from across the globe.

With our head office in Singapore and wide network of sourcing & marketing offices in China, Bangkok, Pakistan, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Mumbai the company has achieved new heights in business and expanded it operation across many regions.

We at Sofeene believe in Client Satisfaction as our Ultimate Responsibility.

The Team

As innumerable fibers are linked together to form an elegant fabric, Sofeene is also the outcome of well-experienced and a capable team. A competent teamperforming the task with unadulterated transparency and firm dedication is the strength of our organization. The workforce rooted in various countries across the globe brilliantly understands the specifics of their respective regions, speak local language providing services to our worldwide clients.

Marketing Services

Having the benefit of extensive global alliances we successfully offer the top-class marketing services. At Sofeene client satisfaction is considered as the utmost priority. We always strive to tender the idyllic services to our clients

Market Forecast

The unmatched skills and expertise of our proficient Market Specialists adds more value to our services. Updated with market trends we provide precise Market Forecasting services to our clients.

Technical Advice

Familiar with Up-to-date modern technology, Company delivers incomparable Technical Advice. The company always research and find out the innovative technical process which helps to improve the productivity and quality

After sales Services

We determinedly adhere to our commitments. The objective of the company doesn't ends on the completion of the project it ends with the positive feedback from the clients. This is why today Sofeene has achieved the title of respect and reliability in the market.



Become a globally networked conglomarate seizing opportunities worldwide.

Become a cohesive, integrated and synergised global entity providing horizontal and vertical reach to all our partners worldwide.

Achieve Global Dominance by having satisfied customers in select Business built around our core competence with...

  • Customer orientation.
  • Timely services.
  • Focus on cost effectiveness.


SOFEENE ENTERPRISES aims to be world class organization marketing diverse range of products for the global market..

Sofeene enterprises seeks to achieve customer delight through excellence in sourcing the right product and give the best of our services from various location.

Faith in bright future of global marketing and hence continued expansion in the areas “which we know best”.

Total customer satisfaction in all operational areas. Encouraging innovation for constant improvements to achieve excellence in all functional areas. Faith in Individual Potential and respect for Human Values.


Sofeene believes that any business conduct can be ethical only when it rests on the six core values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness,Trust and Responsibility.


We must always conduct our business with fairness, honesty and transparency, so that we can at all times stand public scrutiny.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship

We would encourage innovative ideas for individual and organizational development. This thinking would be fostered, encouraged and recognized for enhancing business. We would take delight in stretching our goals and each of us would have a sense of ownership and responsibility for all our business dealings.


We will encourage an organizational culture and structures that have capacity for change. Flexibility and adaptability will be critical to our operations.

Passion for Excellence

All our activities must be driven by a passion for excellence. We must strive, uncompromisingly, to achieve the highest standards in our daily work and in the quality of the goods and services we offer.


We must work cohesively with our colleagues, customers and partners around the world, leveraging synergies and building strong networks based on collaboration and mutual cooperation.

Social Responsibility

We Will be taking the Responsibility to Society where we are working and sincerely follow the Social ethics.


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    Sofeene Enterprises was establish and ventured into business as a small textile agent.

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    First company to start import of yarns in to Singapore from India. The company was pioneer in establishing Indian yarns in to Singapore.

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    Started operations in Hong Kong and Taiwan markets.

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    1980 - 1986

    Expanded in to Imports of Carpets, Fabrics and Fibers from Japan in to Indonesian market.

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    2000 - 2001

    Establish offices in Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok.

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    Establish India & Pakistan offices.

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    Establish Hangzhou China office.


Mr. Ally Shariff

"Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater."

Mr. Basheer Ally

"Giving up is not an option. There is only Dedication and Conviction."